Highlights From National Community College Month

This past April many community colleges across the county joined in celebrating Community College Month (#ccmonth). The Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) coordinated a grassroots campaign to “increase awareness and understanding of the value of community colleges both locally and nationally.”  As we followed the celebration around the country, we wanted to share some highlights and takeaways from the great work these two-year institutions are doing.

Community Colleges Offer Irreplaceable Value 

Through our partnership with Rose State College, we have gained experience, knowledge, and insight into the world of community colleges. Like many community colleges, Rose State is a public institution with an open admissions policy that provides higher education programs and services designed to foster lifelong learning for diverse student populations. Community colleges provide significant value to students, the workforce, the economy and beyond. Understanding the value two-year institutions provide, we strive to support our community college partners so that they can continue to serve as beacons of quality, affordable, and accessible higher education. 

Supporting Community Colleges 

We also know that many two-year institutions are facing significant enrollment challenges due to several factors, which is why we have curated a resource page designed to share strategies, techniques, and learnings community colleges can implement to meet the needs of their unique students and programs. Additionally, we plan to extend the celebration of community colleges into the summer by hosting a 3-part webinar series focused on improving enrollment at community colleges. 

To get all the community college content and event information, visit the Resource Page.

Social Media Highlights

To commemorate National Community College month, we also wanted to highlight a few community colleges that are creating tremendous opportunities for all students and busting longtime stigmas wrongly associated with public two-year colleges.   

College of Lake County 

Kingsborough Community College


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