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Increase your Admissions Candidate Pool with this technique

It’s a Saturday morning and I’m having coffee with a few friends.  As I sip on my cappuccino, I hear about the most tender and juicy ribeye in history; and how it was prepared.  My interest is peaked.  What would it take for me to make perfect steaks? 
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Want to Increase Yield?  Follow a White Glove Admissions Process

Ever since I wrote about how the online application could be hurting your ability to innovate, I’ve had many discussions with institutions discussing ways they've increased their candidate pool and engagement throughout the applicant journey – and how this has a direct impact on their admissions results.
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SEARUG and MIDHEUG 2019 Recap

Now that the fall HEUG regional season is winding down, I thought I’d put together some observations from the two most recent events in which we participated.
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Webinar Recording: Optimizing your Admissions

Thank you for all of you who attended this week's webinar:  Optimizing your Admissions
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2019 SCHRUG Alliance Conference Recap

SCHRUG 2019 is a wrap.  It was great meeting with old friends and new at the Davidson-Gundy Alumni center.  We also unveiled an early version of our Admissions product. 
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2019 HEUG Alliance Conference Recap – Admissions

It’s a wrap. We just finished our first event – the Higher Education User Group annual Alliance conference.  As a new company, we had modest expectations in terms of exposure and feedback – and we were blown away by how far we exceeded them. 
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Admissions Fraud – how to prevent high powered individuals from gaming the system

This morning, the justice department charged more than 30 people for fraudulently helping their kids get into a who’s who of higher education institutions.
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Admitting the Ideal Student: Responsible, Resilient, and Resourceful

How do colleges and universities admit the ideal class of students each school year?  It’s not an easy question to answer. There are many factors involved in making sound admissions decisions. It’s crucially important to get it right because it affects every aspect of the institution. 
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Why Mutara?

Business Transformation without Chaos  Why does an organization adopt a new software product?  For most, it’s to transform its business in positive ways to maximize business value.  This means disrupting the status quo for something that’s better.  Unfortunately, disruption usually brings chaos with it. 
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