Why Mutara?

Business Transformation without Chaos 

Why does an organization adopt a new software product?  For most, it’s to transform its business in positive ways to maximize business value.  This means disrupting the status quo for something that’s better.  Unfortunately, disruption usually brings chaos with it. 

Mutara was founded with the premise that computer software can achieve business transformation without causing the chaos that comes with adopting and deploying solutions that are available on the market today. 

How will we accomplish this?  By building software that adheres to the following tenets: 

  • Agility and Flexibility 
  • Business User Empowerment 
  • In-line decision support and analytics 
  • Continuous process improvement 

 From an admissions perspective, this means that our solutions will enable comprehensive holistic review, student success, staff productivity, and diversity. 

What's in a name? And why the name Mutara? Checkout out the answer to this an other frequently asked questions here.

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