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We are Hiring! Head of Tools and Technology

We are looking for the head of development for our low code development platform.  The ideal candidate is hands-on, understands the value of well designed software, and has a passion for solving difficult problems. We use Design Thinking to leverage our flexible software to solve a wide range of problems. The ideal candidate should have an excellent background in application services as well as UI frameworks such as Angular.

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Why Leave Appsian and Start Mutara?

In 2005 -- following Oracle’s successful acquisition of PeopleSoft -- my colleagues (Brian Sparling, Chris Heller) and I were feeling disillusioned with our careers and the direction we saw the enterprise software space going. With little more than a vague concept of what we felt customers needed and a feeling that we could build something that could fill that need, we started the company that is now Appsian.

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Why Mutara?

Business Transformation without Chaos 

Why does an organization adopt a new software product?  For most, it’s to transform its business in positive ways to maximize business value.  This means disrupting the status quo for something that’s better.  Unfortunately, disruption usually brings chaos with it. 

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