GreyHeller (now Appsian) Founders to Revolutionize Higher Education Software: Improving Admissions Results and Student Success


SAN RAMON, Calif., February 5, 2019 – Today, GreyHeller (now Appsian) founders Larry Grey and Brian Sparling announced the formation of Mutara Inc. to address two of the biggest challenges facing colleges and universities:  improving admissions results through comprehensive holistic application review and increasing student success by identifying at risk students who may need additional support. 

“Our experience helping the leading Higher Education Institutions increase student engagement and protect student data makes us uniquely qualified to address these needs,” said Larry Grey, Mutara CEO. “Institutions are challenged with meeting goals for admitting and supporting their student body. Important budgetary, staffing and academic success outcomes are heavily impacted by a university's student applicant pool. Factors including academic qualifications, financial needs, inclusion goals, student persistence, student retention, graduation rates, selectivity, and yield directly correlate to the overall academic health and financial viability of the program.”

Mutara Inc. will be exhibiting at the Alliance 2019 Conference at the Disney World Swan and Dolphin in Orlando, Florida on March 3rd-6th. Customers interested in learning more can set up an appointment with our management team during the conference to preview the software and ask questions. Appointments can be made online, here.

“Optimizing Admissions and Student Success are two critical initiatives that can influence each other. Most Institutions treat them separately, but they are related through the student. The processes and software available to colleges and universities utilize a multitude of disparate systems and silos. Most organizations make these decisions in an information vacuum,” said Brian Sparling, Mutara CTO. “Mutara correlates data across these systems to accelerate decisions and provide holistic benefits to both the institution and its students.”

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About Mutara, Inc.

Mutara was founded on the premise that it’s critical to empower higher education teams to support operational excellence by giving them easy-to-use application software and resources to complement their goals and processes including:

  • Transforming as goals evolve and change
  • Empowering employees to drive change
  • Merging user actions, intelligence, and integration in an easy to use manner
  • Minimizing IT reliance while protecting data and process controls

Mutara's admissions and student success products empower colleges and universities to attract, onboard, and retain students who will thrive within their institution, while ensuring that the university-wide goals for admissions, student success, inclusion, and financial aid and scholarship are met.

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