[Webinar] How to Optimize Your Admissions Process for Success

Strategies (and a demo) for meeting your admissions goals and improving results easier AND more efficiently than ever before

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The steps involved in finding, qualifying, nurturing, and enrolling new students involves many systems and participants.  How does an organization prevent themselves from falling into the admissions traps that are currently making headlines, while improving admissions results and setting students up for success?  

Learn from Mutara's CEO, Larry Grey as he shares his top tips on attaining an easier and more efficient admissions process and introduces Mutara's first admissions optimization product. This webinar was developed to help universities align their admissions processes to better support their institution's mission and strategy.

Here's what you will learn:

  • The optimal experience for applicants through the attract-to-onboard journey
  • The optimal process across your internal groups through the attract-to-onboard journey
    (and a product designed to efficiently simplify that process)
  • Specific techniques that will improve your organizations admissions results, while setting students up for success
  • How information can be leveraged across your data sources (Marketing, CRM, Candidate Application, and SIS) to meet goals and improve results

Webinar Details: 

When: Wednesday, September 11th 1:00pm. CST

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 Larry Grey-Final Postcard Headshot  Larry Grey

 CEO, Mutara Inc.

Co-Founder, GreyHeller (Appsian)

Larry Grey has been working in the Peoplesoft ecosystem for over 26 years, doing both professional services as well as managing the reporting and BI development team within PeopleToolsAs co-founder of GreyHeller (Appsian), he has worked with over 200 HigherEd institutions regarding User Experience, Student Engagement, Security, and Data Privacy. Currently CEO of Mutara, he focuses on improving admissions results at higher education institutions. 


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