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The 3 Commandments of Admissions Engagement

In our prior blog entry, we mapped out the journey that candidates follow from an unknown person to a student.  We also described that inbound marketing focuses on optimizing each of the transition points so that more people successfully navigate that journey.

This article will now discuss how to engage the candidate, which is the mechanism by which you move a candidate from one stage to the next in the admissions journey.

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The 4 letter word that's good for admissions

Lead.  Yield.  Call it what you will.  Attracting candidates is important to every university.  Most organizations are looking for ways to improve admissions results.  Whether you’re trying to improve enrollment for the institution as a whole or for specific groups of students, it all starts with leads or yield.

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2020 NACAC Virtual Conference Recap

This week Mutara had the opportunity to exhibit and present at the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Virtual conference.  This was a first time I participated with this community and found it extremely informative.  As expected, the overall theme was COVID-19 and how institutions are coping and planning.

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Google announces Google Career Certificates.  Should Higher Education institutions be worried?

Today, Business Insider had an opinion piece about Google's Career Certificates program, which allows non-degree learning to help people (especially people in IT) gain critical skills that can help them advance their careers.  In our blog, we've previously discussed how the higher education market is has recognized the opportunity growth of lifetime learning and the nontraditional student.  

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2020 Virtual Alliance Recap

Virtual Alliance 2020 is in the books.  Over the course of the week, we learned how to attend sessions from our homes, got to see where friends and colleagues worked, and was photobombed by toddlers and pets.  As expected, the overall theme was COVID-19 and how institutions are coping and planning.

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Admissions Essays: an Endangered Species

Many institutions today are facing a competitive landscape and are searching for ways to remove barriers to candidate engagement.  However, many also want a more complete picture of the candidate as part of the decision-making process for both admissions and finical aid.  What does this mean for essays on either the application or within standardized tests?

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Why Leave Appsian and Start Mutara?

In 2005 -- following Oracle’s successful acquisition of PeopleSoft -- my colleagues (Brian Sparling, Chris Heller) and I were feeling disillusioned with our careers and the direction we saw the enterprise software space going. With little more than a vague concept of what we felt customers needed and a feeling that we could build something that could fill that need, we started the company that is now Appsian.

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